the weed tape 2 set to release 4/20/22

i have some pretty cool music for you guys to add to your 4/20 music playlist with the first weed tape that released 4/20/21

now you guys have more cool music to add on 4/20/22 get ready to blaze up and get high to this 

Never Looking Down is out now on your favorite platform!!

Never Looking Down is a single from american rapper Da'Cleevlindian upcoming Ep Titled Orange 

Never Looking Down is mid tempo song led by the beat produced by Cleveland Ohio Producer Almighty

also known as Rejon Arquel Williams-Holmes

and it's by Da'Cleevlindian ft. ClevelandColdest 

With some production by Amighty, and Adrain Solomon Tate also known as PrayingTakesTime and few other names to be announced Orange Ep

and The Weed Tape 2 is sure to bring great vibes, great flows and a music prescence that's called the Lindian sound you guys are going to love it. 

 ClevelandColdest makes guest appearances on the weed tape 2

on the tracks titled: Up And Up, Flavors, and also the track Schwarzenegger And Ferrigno

 more updates coming soon!!

Stay Fine Tuned!!

#cleevlindian LKE


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